Me Before You Wikia

"I told him I loved him,” she said, her voice dropping to a whisper. “And he just said it wasn’t enough.” Her eyes were wide and bleak. “How am I supposed to live with that?”"
― Lou Clark, Me Before You

Louisa Clark (also known by the nickname Lou), alongside with William Traynor, is the protagonist of Jojo Moyes's novel "Me Before You".


Louisa Clark likes to go by 'Lou'. She is a quirky, kind-hearted 26-year-old woman who has lived in the same English town her whole life, and has few ambitions.

Louisa is someone who rarely takes risks in her life and this leads her to settle for what she has, even in regards to her relationship with Patrick. She also does not receive much support from her family, because for them Louisa has always been in the shadow of her sister Katrina and they do not think she can do great things.

She has a 7-year relationship with Patrick and recently lost her job at The Buttered Bun Café, after the owner, Frank, decided to close the business. When she loses her job at the local cafe, Lou finds employment with the Traynors caring for their disabled son, William 'Will' Traynor